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Endeca's new Latitude 2 BI (Business Intelligence) product provides organizations with the ability to not only find the information they're looking for, but to help them understand it, enabling informed decisions to be made faster than ever before. Latitude does not replace your existing database or BI tools; instead complimenting them with a new user interface that requires only simple English-language instructions to perform its functions. Best of all, Latitude 2 doesn't require any specialized training or oversight from your IT staff, saving you considerable time and money.

The typical landscape of BI technologies has been to support three basic activities: Reporting, Exploring and Predicting. These same principles apply with Latitude 2, only with a unique twist that makes usage easier and at the same time, more precise.

1. No Data Left Behind

Endeca's MDEX Engine technology allows users to work both with all your existing structured data as well as having the ability to point to "n" number of unstructured sources of content. These unstructured data sources can include social media websites, PDF documents, Word documents, transcripts from Customer Service call centers, or any other form of previously "off-limits" data sources that your business users may find advantageous as they endeavor to assess their new product launch plans, competitive analysis. etc. The MDEX Engine assists in conducting these sophisticated searches, along with facilitates-guided navigation and comprehensive analytics. All this is performed while supporting industry standards such as XQuery, XML and SOA, yet without the MDEX Engine and Latitude relying on predetermined schemas; instead providing content with their own schema, giving users the ability to work with data that previously would be incompatible with older work methods.

2. Ease-of-Use

While the idea of offering virtually unlimited schemas may sound a bit unsettling to some, Endeca has developed Latitude 2 specifically for ease of use, ensuring that even complex assignments are easily performed. Its core Discovery Framework contains a library of components for search, guided navigation, visualizations, and analytics – all designed to be intuitive for users.

3. Agile Delivery

Latitude 2's approach is to unify diverse data sets quickly and allow users to see diverse data sources together, giving IT and business users the ability to communicate much more effectively, reducing the time and resources required for successful completion of projects. With Endeca Latitude 2, users are able to answer the "why" questions regarding their queries, giving them the insight and actionable information they need for greater efficiency in all tasks; all with little to no training required.

What Makes Endeca Latitude 2 Different?

From the moment you view Latitude 2, you will be able to see clear differences in terms of interaction that competitors simply cannot match, such as the fact that discovery applications are constantly in motion and information is displayed using a faceted approach.

The heart of Latitude 2 is its hybrid search/analytical database, which combines the simplicity of searching with the power of Business Intelligence.

Traditional BI tools are extremely useful for structured data sets that are configured and prepared for analysis ahead of time. This time-tested approach makes a lot of sense for the core data sources where it's reasonable to predefine the structures and questions that will be asked of the data. The advantage of Endeca-Latitude 2 is that it addresses a myriad of diverse business requirements where the questions are not easily preconceived and where the information sources represented are constantly changing. Endeca Latitude works not just with information in the data warehouse, but also with other enterprise apps and third-party data providers, making it ideal for users that consistently find their requests for new views going into backlog.

Latitude brings together every piece of information that underlies a decision; whether the information is data form or documents; from inside or outside the company; or static in nature or frequently changing. Users can explore the data as they would through any website; all without training. This is all accomplished with the confidence that IT is still in control of the data and that there is no circumventing of the governance and security requirements of your existing IT infrastructure.

Youngsoft Offers

Youngsoft is a Channel/Reseller partner to Endeca Technologies, and is committed to providing the best possible technical resources to support Endeca solutions. Our resources have undergone extensive training from Endeca, and are prepared to provide consulting services that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Endeca Platform Hosting and Installation
  • Product Customizing and Development
  • Upgrading Earlier Endeca Versions
  • Contract Consulting Services
  • On-Site and Off-Site Project Management and Execution
  • Solution Audits
  • Requirements Workshops, Project Scoping, and Architectural Design
  • Pipeline Development and Content Acquisition
  • Control Scripts

Youngsoft has deployed Endeca's products (MDEX Engine, Platform Services, Deployment templates, etc.) on its own servers, enabling our team to quickly initiate new project support. Youngsoft resource team has devoted considerable time to implementing and learning new problem-solving techniques applicable to deploying Endeca's Products, and has experience modifying Endeca's source code to meet the needs of virtually any clients.


  • Endeca Solution Re-Seller
  • System Integration
  • Customizing, Enhancement and Development of Custom
    Components using Latitude 2's Discovery Framework
  • Maintenance of Endeca Core Implementation
  • System Audits and Implementing Performance Enhancement Measures