IT Consulting

Youngsoft is a full-service IT consulting firm that provides custom software development, project management, and well-defined solutions. Our specialized teams of technical and business analysts are able to adapt to the needs of our clients regardless of their industry category, enabling us to effectively advise businesses on how they can best utilize Information Technology to meet their ever-changing business objectives.

Given the accelerated pace of change that today's economic environment demands, all businesses need to have the flexibility to respond with innovative solutions to such common business hurdles as addressing emerging competitive pressures, opening previously unexplored markets, recognizing the need to develop entirely new product/services, etc. Our analysts pride themselves on their ability to form partnerships with your key organizational team members in order to gain an in-depth understanding of your business. Once we have a good grasp of your business and its direction, we can then put forth solutions that can assist in more effectively integrating Information Technology into your mainstream business requirements; keeping in mind your desire to reduce costs, improve quality, and to enhance your user experiences.

We follow a tried-and-tested business model to help our clients identify their business requirements and goals so we can deliver a clearly defined strategy that is both actionable and cost-effective, along with developing a technical solution and a way to implement that solution across the organization.

 All successful deployments are accompanied by a process that involves consistent review and monitoring to insure that we never lose sight of our clients' expectations.

Custom Software Development

Off-the-shelf software solutions rarely satisfy the highly specific requirements of demanding business users. Youngsoft has a wealth of experience in taking off-the-shelf products and customizing their interfaces to allow our clients to quickly integrate these products into their existing IT environment, saving them considerable time and money.

Project Management

Almost as important as selecting the right software is ensuring its development path is as effective and low-risk as possible, since a failure to calculate the risk factor could negatively affect stakeholders. Underestimating risks can prove costly in terms of unexpected delays in development, testing, and deployment, resulting in unhappy clients.

The Project Management team at Youngsoft will collaborate with management and important stakeholders to identify the project objectives and important milestones, including laying out the initial plan, strategies for accomplishing each component, establishment of realistic time-lines, and suitable approaches to reduce risks at each step. Our clients are much more comfortable launching these initiatives knowing a solid plan of action is in place and that all stakeholders are in agreement as to who, what, when, where, and why.

Solution Delivery

After all the planning, development, and testing are over, the most important expectation is that the deliverables agreed upon are deployed on-time, on-budget, and work as intended. All too often, companies have developed applications or solutions for their business that end up costing far more than what was originally budgeted and, even with these cost overruns, they find that their efforts are still plagued with bugs and other issues that require even more deployment delays. Adhering to well-defined processes, procedures, and methodologies is extremely important, and Youngsoft's resources will ensure that all quality control and testing steps have been completely vetted before delivery.

Youngsoft understands how to manage projects and software development, and our adherence to well-defined methodologies will help to ensure that you obtain the right solution, at the agreed-upon price, and that once deployed your new application will function as it was intended, resulting in satisfied business users.