Endeca-bsOracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID) offers a complete solution for agile data discovery across enterprises, and empowers business user independence in balance with IT governance. Youngsoft’s OEID developers combine information of any type, and from any source to perform rapid analysis. This solution enables business users to make business decisions they can trust.

Oracle Endeca’s Latitude 2 BI software enhances existing databases and BI tools:

  • Intuitive User Interface for Ease of Use
  • No Special Training or Oversight Needed for Significant Savings in Time and Money
  • Hybrid Search/Analytical Database for Efficient Searching and BI Tool Usage
  • Ability to use several data sets simultaneously to improve productivity
  • MDEX Engine technology to use structured data as well as unstructured, including social media websites, Word documents, PDF’s, and call center transcripts
  • Fully compatible with XML, XQuery, and SOA Industry Standards
  • Integrated Library of Components for Search, Visualizations, and Analytics

Youngsoft Inc. is a Channel/Reseller partner with Oracle Endeca Technologies, and provides the following Consulting Services:

  • Oracle Endeca Platform Hosting and Installation
  • Product Customizing and Development
  • Upgrading Earlier Endeca Versions
  • Contract Consulting Services
  • On-Site and Off-Site Project Management and Execution
  • Solution Audits
  • Requirements Workshops, Project Scoping, and Architectural Design
  • Pipeline Development and Content Acquisition
  • Control Scripts

Youngsoft Inc. utilizes Oracle Endeca products on their own servers, such as the MDEX Engine, Platform Services, and Deployment Templates, enabling our team to quickly initiate new projects support.

Youngsoft Specialties:

  • Modifying Oracle Endeca Source Code to Meet the Needs of Clients
  • System Integration
  • Customizing, Enhancement, and Development of Custom Components
  • Maintenance of Oracle Endeca Core Implementation
  • System Audits and Implementing Performance Enhancement Measures