The Key to Enhanced Client Support – Flexibility

No two customers are exactly alike. Accordingly, no two customers will have the exact same needs when outsourcing IT work. Given 2 alternatives for defining our approach to Client Support:

Flexibility = The capability of being changed or adjusted to meet particular or varied needs
Inflexibility = Not willing or incapable of change, forcing others to yield

Youngsoft chose flexibility in everything we do, unlike many IT services companies, we won’t force-fit any static support methodologies because that’s all we know. We will provide you the best support possible in whatever form makes sense to you, and fits within your specific IT outsourcing needs. But not at the sacrifice of success. If we know a better way to provide you support, we’ll tell you.

Each of our Client Support offerings are defined with varied configurations to seamlessly blend into your organization, while at the same time offering significant cost savings over traditional support methodologies.

Flexible Support Services

Over the years we have found that the best way to serve our clients is to offer them our support in whatever form best suits their needs. Our tested and proven methodologies will enable you to leverage Youngsoft expertise whether it’s adding our resources to your project for end-to-end support, or assisting your team after the launch of a new application or product, or acting as your first line of technical support, or providing staffing to your development team as you ramp up a team of your own. Talk to us, we’ll find a way to help.

Flexible Support Services

Flexible Service Model

There are a common phases to any project, whether the project is developing a new application, implementing a new web portal, implementing a Big Data solution or a Content Management solution. All projects have the same thing in common: a beginning, a middle and an end. Our team of development experts are trained and experienced in providing support to our clients at any phase. We can assist at the front end to help design and plan for the solution set. Experts from our various Centers of Excellence will help you design and determine the best path for implementing your solution. We can also come in for just the development phase, acting upon the design and analysis already completed and approved. We can also enter your project at the end stage, helping you to ensure a successful implementation. Or, we can deliver your project at the beginning, the middle and the end! Give us a call, we can help determine how we can best serve your project needs.

Flexible Service Model


Flexible Delivery Model

The world just isn’t as big as it used to be. Today developers can be in the next room, in the state next door, or on the next continent over. Technology has enabled the uniqueness of seamless collaboration regardless of the location of the project team. Youngsoft maintains a fully staffed, SEI CMMI level 3 certified development center both in Michigan and India. So why not take advantage of what technology can offer:

  • Financially – Taking advantage of the cost savings inherent in using offshore resources just makes sense
  • Project Execution – Using Youngsoft’s “Follow the Sun” project development methodology, we can significantly reduce your project timelines without sacrificing quality.

We can configure our team in whatever manner works best for you: All Onsite, All Offsite, All Offshore, or a collaboration of all three.