Portals offer a centralized location for making all types of information accessible to a diverse audience of users, and Youngsoft has extensive experience developing these types of solutions using Liferay and Adobe Experience Manager.

Companies of all sizes can benefit the immediate advantages of portal solutions, such as shorter time to implement changes, streamlining, focusing business and IT objectives, and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Youngsoft thoroughly analyzes and qualifies our clients’ requirements before implementation; only then employing our technical expertise in designing and building portal solutions that will help your company to recognize an immediate and favorable impact.


liferay-psDeveloped in 2000, Liferay is a portal framework that streamlines business processes through its single sign-on, web-based gateway, making it easier for users to locate relevant content and commonly used applications. Liferay focuses on providing its developers with a unique experience, allowing customization through drag-and-drop portlets, themes, and personal pages, including the URL.

Liferay allows extensive control over its functionality, including controlling access to:

  • Sensitive Information
  • Host Organization’s Content
  • Instant Messaging
  • Message Boards
  • Blogs
  • Wikis

Liferay Portal provides a strong return-on-investment:

  • Single Sign On
  • Social Networking and Mash-ups
  • Multi-Tier, Limitless Clustering
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) – provides a consistent interface for accessing portal data that few other products can match
  • Content & Document Management with Microsoft Office® integration
  • Web Publishing and Shared Work spaces
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Enterprise Portals and Identity Management
  • Proven Performance for Clients Across a Wide Array of Industries
  • Strong Community with Millions of Downloads and Worldwide Deployments
  • Access to source code and binaries of all supported versions
  • Continuous updates and patches
  • Exclusive maintenance releases

Enterprises use Liferay to build robust business solutions that deliver results:

  • Self-Service Portals
  • Knowledge Sharing Work spaces
  • Dynamic Web 2.0 Websites
  • Revenue-Generating Social Networks
  • Enterprise Application Integration

Youngsoft’s Portal Team provides various Liferay Consulting Services including:

  • Installation, Migration, and Customized Development
  • Theme Design
  • Custom Portlet Development
  • Administration and Performance Tuning
  • Contract Consulting Services
  • On-site and Off-Site Project Management and Execution
  • Liferay Enterprise Edition (EE)
  • Maintenance of Production Liferay Deployments Through a Combined Subscription and Support Package

Adobe Experience Manager

adobe-psAdobe Experience Manager (CQ) helps you organize and manage the delivery of creative assets and other content across your digital marketing channels, including web, mobile, email, social media, and video. Host your content on-premises or in the cloud; IT can count on agile and rapid deployment. With this ultimate control of your content and campaigns, you’ll be able to deliver relevant experiences to customers that will:

Build Your Brand

Today, a company’s brand identity and value is defined by the interactions and experiences it delivers across all digital channels. The Adobe Experience Manager solution integrates Adobe tools to empower marketers and IT to launch digital properties quickly and achieve measurable impact on brand strength.

Drive Demand

The opportunity to drive demand through digital channels is exploding as customers spend more time and money online. The Adobe Experience Manager solution integrates Adobe tools to launch marketing campaigns and drive demand across multiple channels.

Extend Your Reach

The Adobe Experience Manager solution integrates Adobe tools to empower content publishers and IT to optimize their content across digital channels, including mobile and social media.

Benefits of Adobe Experience Manager:

  • Attract

    Increase site traffic and repeat visits with an engaging online experience, dynamic content, and multichannel outreach.

  • Capture

    Gain time to market advantage with rapid rollout of new campaigns targeted to defined customer audiences.

  • Sell

    Increase campaign conversion rates with integration to real-time analytics and marketing optimization.

  • Grow

    Build local-market brand awareness and sales in new geographies with rapid localization of global web presence.

  • Engage

    Increase customer loyalty and generate new sales opportunities through online community evangelism and social media.

Youngsoft, Inc. is a Adobe Business-level partner and provides various Consulting Services for Adobe Experience Manager (CQ) including:

  • Implementation, Migration, and Customized Development
  • Administration, Prototyping, Testing and Deployments
  • Integration with Analysis tools like Site Catalyst
  • Contract Consulting Services
  • On-site and Off-Site Project Management and Execution
  • License Purchase Support
  • Maintenance of Production Deployments Through a Combined Subscription and Support Package


Hippo-psHippo is the leading global software vendor in open-source java-based web content management that enables organizations to connect with their online audience in today’s multimedia environment. This is effectively done by providing personal customer experiences across all three media types: mobile, social and web. Hippo currently serves over 250 customers across the world out of offices in both Amsterdam and Boston. Together with its network of Certified Partners, Hippo serves a fast growing number of enterprise customers such as Bell Aliant, Randstad, the Dutch National Police, Credit Agricole, Autodesk, Weleda, University of Maryland, Conde Nast, Couchbase, Mailchimp and Intuitive Surgical.

Benefits of Hippo

  • Unique Visitor Experiences

    With Hippo, you can create, control, and deliver engaging content to your visitors in every channel. Our targeting and personalization engine enables you to personally connect to your visitors, serving them relevant content from the first second they arrive on your page.

  • Cross-Channel Intelligence

    Hippo’s open-source technology integrates with a wide range of tools and data sources, so you can track and analyse the behaviour of your visitors and optimise the performance of your content in any context, whether it’s web, mobile, social, apps, displays, billboards, or Internet-of-Things devices.

  • Rapid Optimization

    It’s easy to experiment and build new digital properties rapidly with Hippo’s open architecture and easy-to-use interface, bringing businesses the agility and freedom needed for creating the best next personalized digital customer experience.