• ConnectEazy is built to enable and accelerate companies to experience and leverage the power of the Salesforce lightning platform. Customers can easily customize the application using native platform drag and drop features as per their requirements.
  • Connecteazy is a comprehensive employee intranet portal.
  • Companies can now easily recruit, onboard, track projects, manage timesheets, enable collaboration and provide management instant real-time analytics to create a high-performance culture.
  • ConnectEazy is a scalable solution and enables companies to be up and running within a couple of weeks. With a lightweight architecture, it can be easily customized across industries and can easily integrate with any other applications using APIs.

Key Features:

Advanced Recruitment Module: Allows you to create customized application forms using drag and drop features which further can be shared with the candidates.

Manage Agile Project: Allows users to drill down to your project’s micro-level details with an intuitive, easy-to-use list view of all stories, tasks & bugs.

Employee 360° portal: In a single dashboard employees can view a range of details like My Profile, Apply Leaves, Policies, Announcements, Timesheet, Projects, and Travel Request.

Dynamic Timesheet: Allows users to copy the task along a date range to reduce the manual effort. Capture your attendance details and easily cross-reference with your projects to find Project profitability, Employee profitability and Entire Companies performance using Salesforce platform analytics.

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Why it is easy?


Build with #1 CRM

Built on Salesforce’s native platform Force.com, ConnectEazy is a ground-breaking solution. Available on the SAAS model, this app will help your organization connect with their employees anytime, anywhere.


Extremely Scalable

ConnectEazy can effortlessly be scaled to any number of users, helping organizations of any size build a more streamlined and quicker environment for their employees.


Powerful Analytics

ConnectEazy showcases supreme Analytical capabilities and offers an array of in-built, customizable and powerful reports and dashboards. Help your organizations leverage these to ensure prompt and collaborative decision-making.


Flexible & Customization

With its default platform capabilities, ConnectEazy ensures great flexibility by allowing immaculate customization and integration; Hence, reducing overall dependence on SI partners.


Great User Experience

Using Salesforce’s award-winning Lightning platform, ConnectEazy warranties a simple and easy-to-use experience for all its users, leaving organizations with happier and more satisfied employees.


Mobile Ready

Mobile ready application across different devices and OS. Now, you can seamlessly use ConnectEazy on-the-go using the powerful Salesforce (formerly Salesforce1) Mobile Application.

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Game Changing Features

Employee Hub

Comprehensive Employee Management and Collaboration portal with minimalistic tile view for eazy access.

HireEazy- Talent Aquisition Module

Smart features include -> 360° view of applicants and stages, Analytics, Drag & Drop template form creation, Interview Scheduler.

Expenses Management

Create a smooth expense management process for your employees and expedite your organization’s reimbursement process.

Payslips & Documents

Manage important and confidential documents such as your payslips by uploading them in a single repository.

Attendance & Leave Management

Customizable and dynamic attendance and Leave management system which allows easy & effortless tracking.

Separations and Exits

Comprehensive and Industry ready checklist templates for ensuring the employee exit process is smooth and easy.

Talent Searching and Mapping

Search talent present within your organization with advanced filters and skill matrix mapping.

Talent Enabler Module (Training)

Effortlessly schedule training within your organization and help your employees advance their career trajectory.

Support Requests

Allows to raise support requests and assign tickets to different departments within your company.

Travel Requests

The hassle-free process to request tickets from anywhere and anytime with reimbursement options within the company.

Policy Management

Manage all company policies and updates in one place with inbuild employee agreement and signature module.

Archive / Backup / Delete

Archive your entire system in any database of choice seamlessly for audit & logging purposes & delete old data easily using advanced filters.

Certification Management

Assist your employees to effectively plan for their certification goals and further their professional journey.

Platform & API Capabilities

Leveraging force.com platform API capabilities connect with systems like ERP, Financials and other custom applications using SOAP and REST.

Organizational Chart

Easily view your organization’s structural chart to gauge any gaps and gain better insights.

Projects & Task Management

Drill-down to your project’s micro-level details and enable collaborative decision-making.

Timesheet Management

Enable your employees to manage their time more effectively using our intuitive timesheet system.

Appraisals in roadmap

Know your employee 360° performance review /evaluation with the modern Era.

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