Healthcare providers face huge challenges, both today and in the future, and Youngsoft is committed to providing our healthcare clients with what they need to stay ahead of the curve. These solutions include healthcare-specific ERP solutions such as TriZetto’s Facets™, analytics and process intelligence software such as OpenConnect’s Comprehend™, and healthcare-focused resource and product solutions through H2H Solutions.

TriZetto Facets™ Practice

TriZetto, an industry leader in healthcare database software, has introduced its latest platform: Facets™ Enterprise Core Administration Platform, which provides healthcare providers with an affordable yet effective way to reduce administrative costs, enhance existing processes, and implement care management solutions. Facets features include the following:

  • Workflow Automation for Reduced Administrative Costs and Greater Efficiency
  • Hosted, Installed ,or Outsourced Application versions
  • Easy Integration with other TriZetto Solutions

OpenConnect Comprehend™ Practice

OpenConnect’s Comprehend™ is a Process Intelligence (PI) and analytics software suite that is ideal for healthcare providers as well as any other information-intensive industries, improving overall efficiency, reducing fraud, and operating costs. Offerings include:

  • PI Solutions to Increase Service Quality with Existing Resources
  • Workforce Intelligence Solutions to Maximize Worker Productivity
  • Fraud Prevention using Advanced Analytics and Auditing Tools

H2H Solutions

H2H Solutions healthcare providers custom solutions from industry-leading software firms, such as TriZetto, OpenConnect, Perot Systems, and Cerner, to meet their needs or budget. Solutions include designing, building, deploying and active support, as well as proprietary products such as Digital Rx™, a SureScripts™ Certified, web-based prescription software suite. H2H has:

  • Highly Trained IT Professionals for System Installation, Training, Staffing, and Support
  • Consultants familiar with Leading Healthcare Software Solutions for Easy Installation
  • Digital Rx™ E-Prescription Software to Increase Medication Consumer Safety