Mobile Applications

Mobile platforms have become ubiquitous in society today, empowering end users with applications that improve productivity, provide information in a timely manner, and deliver services. Every organization that deploys applications to mobile platforms, whether from the consumer point of view or internally in an organization, benefits when these tools are viewed as being on the leading edge of technology.

Youngsoft has the ability to partner with your company to deliver your vision for mobile applications with versions tailored to the platform(s) of your choice. Youngsoft's team has over 1000 man hours of project management and project execution experience in the mobile space, and has created innovative, effective mobile apps for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobility, J2ME, Maemo and Symbian devices. Our PMP Certified Project Managers have expertise in mobile applications, using our industry partnerships to effectively deliver projects within your anticipated budgetary and time constraints.

Mobile Platforms:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile
  • J2ME
  • Maemo
  • Symbian device

Youngsoft Service Offerings:

  • Concept to Delivery - Bring in a concept and quickly take delivery of your application
  • Manpower and Staffing Services - If you are short handed, or need to meet time critical deadlines - talk to us! Youngsoft can rapidly assist in augmenting your team
  • Project Management and Execution - If you need management expertise to deliver on business expectations, put our experienced project managers in place to deliver your project on time
  • Portability Services - Once we have developed a project for you on one platform, our team can cross platforms empowering you to deliver solutions for any major Mobile Platform

Our Specialities:

  • A La Carte-Style of Delivery - Obtain only the services that you require
  • Full Project Management and Delivery - Youngsoft has "geeks" as well as process champions. We balance our resources for you to deliver consistent results
  • Cross Platform Development - Want to launch your products on all the major platforms? We can simultaneously work on multiple projects on different platforms in order to deliver your solution to all targeted audiences at the same time.