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SAP BI Key Features
  • Introduction
  • Key Features of SAP BI

Business Intelligence (BI) is an application used for giving meaning to raw data that an organization has. The raw data is cleansed, stored and applied with business logics to be useful for enterprise users to make better business decisions.

This data can be presented in the form of reports and can be displayed in the form of tables, charts etc. which is efficient and easier to analyse and make business decisions. During all business activities, companies create data about customers, suppliers and internal activities. Based on this data, employees of various departments like HR, finance, accounting, marketing etc. prepare their work plan.

  • Reporting and Analysis
    Data plays a key role in achieving all the benefits of IIoT. The data from production units are acquired using a network of connected sensors. Automated data collection reduces human interference which allows us to get data faster, unbiased and more accurate
  • Data Visualization and Analytics Applications
    Build impactful visualizations, dashboards, and applications to assess risk, improve efficiency and identify opportunities
  • Office Integration
    Use multi-dimensional data analysis capabilities to filter and manipulate data and identify trends and outliers
  • Real-time Analytics
    Connect with SAP Business warehouse and SAP HANA to power real-time analytics
  • Large-scale Data Analysis
    Analyze large data sets to discover in-depth business insights, and forecast business drivers using Microsoft Excel