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Bloomreach Experience Manager is the leading global software vendor in open-source java-based web content management that enables organizations to connect with their online audience in today’s multimedia environment. This is effectively done by providing personal customer experiences across all three media types: mobile, social and web. Hippo currently serves over 250 customers across the world out of offices in both Amsterdam and Boston. Together with its network of Certified Partners, Hippo serves a fast growing number of enterprise customers such as Bell Aliant, Randstad, the Dutch National Police, Credit Agricole, Autodesk, Weleda, University of Maryland, Conde Nast, Couchbase, Mailchimp and Intuitive Surgical.

  • Unique Visitor Experiences
    With brXM, you can create, control, and deliver engaging content to your visitors in every channel. Our targeting and personalization engine enables you to personally connect to your visitors, serving them relevant content from the first second they arrive on your page
  • Cross-Channel Intelligence
    brXM’s open-source technology integrates with a wide range of tools and data sources, so you can track and analyse the behaviour of your visitors and optimize the performance of your content in any context, whether it’s web, mobile, social, apps, displays, billboards, or Internet-of-Things devices
  • Rapid Optimization
    It’s easy to experiment and build new digital properties rapidly with Hippo’s open architecture and easy-to-use interface, bringing businesses the agility and freedom needed for creating the best next personalized digital customer experience