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One very vivid example of where Youngsoft has streamlined Manufacturing Intelligence was on behalf of an international automotive parts manufacturer with 13 manufacturing facilities, on 6 continents. The company was manually tracking production data with “clip-boards” at the end of production lines, which in turn were aggregated into spreadsheets for use by supervisors, managers, VPs, etc. The company had very limited abilities to conduct any in-depth analysis pertaining to each individual plant’s operations, much less trying to compare one plants performance verses other plants in other countries. Ascertaining profit, loss, manufacturing scrap, energy costs, equipment downtime analysis, labor component costs, etc., was a time consuming and very laborious process. Communications was relegated to desk-top computers, with data sets only available in spread-sheet form, following manual entry of the data. The company had no “real-time” views into its domestic or international operations, despite generating billions of dollars in revenue annually.

Youngsoft deployed a team of industry expert Business Analysts and Consultants, who spent weeks on-site in plant locations observing the current “processes”, talking directly with stake-holders at all levels as to what they ideally needed to vastly improve their understanding as to how their line/facility were performing, and a detailed Scoping document was compiled and presented to the company. With concurrence that Youngsoft had captured an accurate representation of the company’s challenges, Youngsoft produced a detailed requirements document that described each and every nuance that needed to be addressed in order to create a back-bone portal highway that would serve to transform the company’s operations.

Youngsoft recommended utilizing Liferay to create a user-friendly, mobile accessible portal as a centralized place for manufacturing-related data and visualizations. Youngsoft has utilized a wide array of portal technologies, and found that Liferay could produce a myriad of benefits that included:

Integrating production data with the proper security to allow access to authorized employees inside and outside of the network, 24/7/365
Aggregating data from unlimited numbers of different data sources (i.e. SMIS–SMT, scrap, FIS – Manufacturing Process information)
Making this disparate date actionable via extraction from a newly deployed data lake housing terabits of new data each week
Insuring that all visualization, data presentation, etc., were fully responsive and that the content would adjust automatically for smartphones, desktops, and tablets
Delivering a personalized experience for different users based on factors such as job position (supervisor, plant manager, operator); work area (plant, work cell, etc.).
Visualizations of the underlying data sources that appear native to the portal
Real-time data on a per-site basis
Aggregated data (daily, weekly, monthly) on a per-site level
Aggregated data across sites
Ability to compare data across sites, part numbers, machines

Youngsoft continues to provide monthly maintenance and development support through a long-standing support agreement for this client, serving audiences that include manufacturing teams, senior management, and support teams, with a concurrent user base that often exceeds 10,000.