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Adopting cloud can help every business improve scalability, drive sustainability and business transformation. Whether a start-up or an established business conglomerate, Youngsoft can empower you to take advantage of AWS’s solutions like Internet of Things (IoT), infrastructure, analytics and machine learning, or to help you achieve your digital transformation goals.

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AWS Certifications


Our AWS cloud experts support organizations with cloud technology using AWS.

  • We have certified expertise in Multi-cloud deployments.
  • We are specialized in Infrastructure management and migrations.
Implementation of our Expertise | Case Studies

SIHO Insurance


Problem Statement:

  • SIHO Insurance was having scalability and other infrastructure-related concerns.


  • We helped in designing new infrastructure keeping in mind AWS’s well-architected framework.
  • We have ensured the five components; Operational Excellence Pair, Security Pillar, Reliability, Performance Efficiency Pillar, and Cost Optimization Pillar; are taken care of during the infrastructure framework design process.



Problem Statement:

  • Autonostix360 collects information about different units of cars. A sensor based application called EdgeAnalytics collects data from various sensors of a car and sends the data to Autonostix360. Autonostix360 then runs its intelligent algorithms, predictive analytics etc. and generates various matrices, car component failures, etc.


  • World class dashboard application using intelligent algorithms & machine learning that provides metrics of individual or population of cars, comparison etc. to enable decision making.
  • Solution is built using Microservice based back end architecture (Spring Boot+Java).
  • React is a modern UI (Dashboard based app).
  • AWS Cognito is for User management and Authentication.
  • AWS S3 is used as the object store for images, videos etc.
  • AWS SES is used to send email notifications.
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancer to load balance traffic.
  • AWS Astra (AWS managed Cassandra) for primary databases.
  • AWS CloudWatch for Logs and health monitoring.
  • AWS EKS for Kubernetes cluster where the backend apis are deployed as autoscaling pods.
  • AWS amplifies where UI is deployed.
  • AWS managed Memcached for the caching layer.



Problem Statement:

  • Patients undergoing physical therapy were majorly impacted during the pandemic, as it was a real challenge for therapists to instruct and assess patient’s body movements and postures on video calls. Hence, treatment outcomes were also being affected.


  • We built an innovative software empowering therapists to provide assistance to remote patients seamlessly.
  • The solution is built using microservices architecture on AWS cloud. Below is a list of AWS solutions used in building the solution.
    • AWS Cognito is for User management and Authentication
    • AWS Kinesis video stream for real time feedback
    • AWS Lambda for lean scalable solution
    • AWS S3 is used as the object store for images, videos etc.
    • AWS SES is used to send email notifications
    • AWS Secrets Manager is used to securely manage passwords
    • AWS Elastic Load Balancer to load balance traffic
    • AWS CloudFront for caching content in edge location
    • AWS CloudWatch for platform visibility
  • High performance web application built using ReactJS.
  • Mobile Application built for iOS and Android using Unity.

City of Kingston


Problem Statement:

  • City of Kingston struggled with response latency, higher cost of maintaining infrastructure and customization issues in serving citizens.


  • We helped to solve the latency issue by migrating the workload from on-premises to AWS Cloud.
  • We collaborated with the City team to choose and implement best suitable AWS components and services that ultimately benefit the citizens and save cost.

H2H DigitalRx


Problem Statement:

  • H2H Solutions, a Youngsoft product, strives to provide the next level of healthcare.


  • We helped in enabling the multi-availability zone for Fault Tolerance.
  • Data encryption is inactive and in transit for HIPAA Compliance.
  • We use DevOps practices and tools to deliver services to our customers at a faster pace.



Problem Statement:

  • Youngtronics was looking for Industrial Automation to capture factory data for monitoring and analyzing on the cloud.


  • We built the solution based on AWS Cloud.
  • We connected Youngtronics’s manufacturing machines with AWS Cloud and established a data channel for highly useful analysis.

Being a trusted AWS solution partner, we can help organizations with different cloud computing services as per their needs.
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