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Manufacturers around the globe face multiple challenges these days, for example, labor shortages, automation challenges, and more. But to maintain a competitive edge in the market, you need to optimize your production processes, by utilizing modern technologies like; real-time data analysis, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and ML (Machine Learning) to accomplish your requirement.

With our IoT for manufacturing industry solutions, you can optimize products and make smart business decisions by collecting and analyzing data automatically. Our IIoT solution will ensure you are upscaling your manufacturing productivity level while maintaining quality as well.

Let’s Take a Look at IIoT 2025 Prediction

McKinsey estimates that the business valuation of the Industrial Internet of Things will be $ 11.1 trillion in 2025, which would prove its widespread adoption globally. Other than that by 2025, the potential value of the Industrial Internet of Things in factory settings will be between $ 1.2 trillion to $ 3.7 trillion. 

Components of Our IIoT Solution

How Can We Connect with Your Manufacturing Procedures?

Our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution operates with smart connected machines to help you build a smart manufacturing enterprise. These smart machines comprise varying levels of intelligence, ranging from simple sensing and actuating to controlling, and optimizing your manufacturing process.

Our solution, after the machine connectivity, will help you to receive the data. The AI/ML module will help us to start analyzing the data and send you a notification.

The Five Key Factors of Our IIoT Solution

You can take these 5 key Industry 4.0 factors into account to understand how you can invest in new capabilities early on and gain the most from building competitive advantages.

Business-transforming features of IIoT

  • Seamless Industrial IoT services

Our Industrial IoT service range is ready-to-use cloud-based as well as on-premise solutions with features like shop floor monitoring, multi-location utilization facility, and others. We can go through the deep insights of manufacturing data with our solution to send real-time data to the manufacturers.

  • Improvement in Operational Procedure

Our Industrial IoT platform can assist you with operational improvement in areas of predictive maintenance and others by capturing the IoT data and enabling integration with data from other sources. The real-time data provided by our solution on the performance of equipment is absolutely helpful for streamlining and improving business processes and workflows. 

  • Our IIoT Solution Helps You with Higher ROI

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is at present hailed as the solution to many manufacturing business problems. By implementing IIoT solutions, industries are trying to be more productive with the aim of higher ROI.

You can easily guess that unplanned downtime is the prime cause that reduces overall productivity and affects the complete business. Aberdeen Research, the Analyst firm, confirmed that 82% of companies have experienced unplanned downtime and it costs these companies $260,000 an hour.

This is a major setback for all companies who are trying to find ways for higher ROI. Real-time machine data can enable manufacturers to react in advance to machine failures.

Other than machine downtime, manual operation is another point where the loss of revenue usually occurs. The IIoT applications are capable of creating every task automated with less human intervention.

As a result, when you have an IIoT solution that has the ability to solve these problems, you can see significantly higher ROI.

Stay Ahead of Competitors with Smart Manufacturing  

The positive aspect of our industrial IoT module is it makes everything connected in the smart factory. It includes optimizing manufacturing processes, sending early alerts, contributing to QA and quality control, and forecasting equipment failure in machinery. 

We, being the leading provider of smart manufacturing solutions, can understand the need for technology integration into machinery. We can take a pivotal role in streamlining your machinery to the industrial automation process. 

Hence, our IoT for manufacturing industry solutions can give you an edge over your competitors.


Our IoT 4.0 manufacturing support can empower manufacturers by bringing the manufacturing data from many sources for reporting, data analytics, and visual summaries and passing the data between enterprise-level and plant-floor systems. The IIoT solution is supportive of both upgrading and increasing productivity. 

The ability to predict equipment issues, allowing workers to get access to those areas of the factory and equipment that was unreachable to humans, has made the solution a remarkable name in the IIoT industry. So, when you think about Manufacturing Intelligence or Smart Manufacturing, our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions and services can meet your expectation level.

About Us:

Founded in 1996, in Michigan, Youngsoft Inc. is an information technology company specializing in IT consulting, and staffing. For almost 3 decades, the company has delivered cutting-edge tech solutions like AEM, Liferay, Business Intelligence, and more to a global clientele. With a futuristic vision, Youngsoft has spearheaded innovations in Healthcare IT solutions and implemented Industry 4.0 in a Box program, a flagship IIoT initiative in partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services).

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