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Did you know according to Future Market Insights, the headless CMS market size was USD 605 million in 2022 and it is estimated to grow to around USD 3.8 billion in 2032?

What is Headless CMS all about?

The Headless software or system is a back-end content management system. It allows marketers to manage content in one place while deploying the content across your preferred front-end. The delivery of the content can be executed independently on websites, mobile apps, and other mediums.

The Basic Framework:

  • System for generating organized content
  • API for distributing the content

According to CMS experts; omnichannel readiness, low operating costs, reduction in time to market the content, cloud scalability, and system security are some of the advantages of a Headless Content Management System and are contributing to its rising popularity among marketing professionals.

Role of AEM in the Headless CMS domain

AEM comes up with the advantage of delivering experiences across platforms and channels by enabling the delivery of structured content in any app using GraphQL, which is known as the delivery of content in a headless way. While it is already known for offering a great interface to authors by enabling them to create content using web components and templates. After creation, it helps the content to be seamlessly published to websites and other mediums in a well-organized fashion.

Though AEM is considered a hybrid Content Management System because it can work in both Traditional and Headless modes, its headless mode is far superior to other CMS tools due to its technological advancements.

Features of AEM Headless CMS

The headless extension was first introduced in the 6.3 version of Adobe Experience Manager for supporting marketing initiatives and in the later AEM 6.5 version, it’s much more upgraded. 

The three basic components of AEM Headless CMS:

It offers a new way of presenting content. Unlike the traditional Content Management System, it can work without any presentation layer, and that too you can write the code in the programming language of your choice.

Benefits of AEM Headless CMS from a Marketing Perspective

From improving business strategies to growing revenue, let’s have a look at a few business advantages from marketing aspects:


According to marketing experts, the Adobe Experience Manager Headless Content Management System is the future of content delivery. It is the ideal tool for marketers for modernizing and extending the CMS architecture.

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