Youngsoft Inc. Becomes Major Equity Investor of ESSPL


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Recently Youngsoft Inc. has garnered a lot of attention for its acquisition of the ESSPL (Enterprise Software Solutions Private Limited). Youngsoft is now the leading investor of the software firm after the completion of all the corporate and regulatory procedures.

ESSPL is a software development company based in Bhubaneswar. Mr. Sudhir Jaiswal is the present President and CEO of the company whereas Mr. Somprabh Jha is the vice president. With the acquisition, Mr. Rupesh Sivastava, President and CEO of Youngsoft Inc., and Mr. Sandeep Upadhyaya, vice president of Youngsoft Inc. become members of the board of directors along with Mr. Sudhir Jaiswal, and Mr. Somprabh Jha.

ESSPL, with more than 20 years of experience, is a market leader in developing SCM (Supply Chain Management) and Logistics software. The company offers various software solutions to its clients, for example, Freight Management Solutions, BD Enable Solutions, Over-The-Top (OTT) Applications, Business Intelligence, B2B integration, Testing, Blockchain technology, Microsoft Stack, etc.

With Youngsoft’s support, the Bhubneswar-based IT company received the opportunity to explore the North American market with its offshore Supply Chain Management development services. The acquisition of ESSPL provides Youngsoft the access to quality supply chain management and logistics solutions for its US clients.

It is safe to say that both technology firms will be benefited from this alliance.

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