4 Ways Liferay is Supporting the Higher Education Sector


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The current era of digital advancement offers the Higher Education sector a chance to elevate its academic experience, foster collaboration, and engage more deeply with students and faculty members. Liferay, a leading digital experience platform, has emerged as a game-changer for the higher education industry.

Let us try to explore 4 different ways in which Liferay is supporting and transforming the landscape of the higher education sector.

Here are the approaches by Liferay to aid the education industry.

1) Streamlining the Self-Service Portal

Streamlining the Self-Service Portal

Liferay provides a robust and intuitive student portal solution that offers a personalized experience to every student. With customizable dashboards, and easy access to course materials, grades, and schedules; students can stay organized and focused on their academic goals. Another feature of Liferay’s portal solution is it also allows seamless communication between students and faculties thus enabling better interaction and support.

Here is a case study illustrating the implementation of the above.

  • Problems the university faced:

A famed Norwich (England) based university upgraded their Liferay DXP to restructure the Self-Service Portal. The old version of the Liferay DXP portal was creating obstacles for the university as they faced concerns like lower SEO ranking, performance issues, difficult platform navigation, etc.

  • Solutions provided by Liferay:

Liferay solved the university’s concern by upgrading the Self-Service Portal with all the latest features. The current portal can now provide fine-grained User Experience. Using the upgraded Liferay portal; staff and students now have seamless access to all information.

2) Personalization of Student Experience

Personalization of Student Experience

The Liferay platform is known for creating personalized content based on individual user preferences. This content personalization ensures students, faculties, and staff are getting relevant information and resources which helps in improving the User Experience.

Here is a case study illustrating the implementation of the above.

  • Problems the university faced:

A United Kingdom-based university wanted to expand its territory beyond the on-campus mode. Consequently, the university’s administrative team embraced online learning, full or part-time learning, and other methods of learning. They planned to focus on creating a personalized education system that would help every kind of learner.

  • Solutions provided by Liferay:

Liferay supported the university comprising 150K international students with the personalized student experience. Liferay delivered a user-personalized student portal with a responsive design that could deliver an engaging experience. By catering to the needs of each student in a customized way, Liferay was able to increase the NPS (Net Promoter Score) of the respective university among students.

3) Efficient Content Management 

Efficient Content Management

Liferay’s content management system (CMS) empowers organizations to manage their content efficiently. Liferay ensures seamless page searching on the website. It enables smooth access to the website or portal from mobile devices. It is capable of providing customized content as per the user’s requirements.

Here is a case study illustrating the implementation of the above.

  • Problems the publisher faced:

A Brazilian publisher whose website, apps, and portal offered downloadable books was eager to reach new prospects who were students and teachers. The publishing firm’s current architecture was inefficient in meeting the demand as the publishing organization had an extremely large volume of content to manage and it was facing difficulties updating the platform with new content.

  • Solutions provided by Liferay:

The publishing firm decided to switch to the Liferay Content Management System for seamless content delivery. The new portal came up with an improved panel with sections for Favorites and customized content for each user to improve engagement. Teachers and students were able to see the content on their tablets and other mobile devices. As a result of switching to Liferay, the publishing company is now enjoying more frequent site visits with a higher number of users.  The portal is at present experiencing double visitors to the portal from mobile devices.

4) Unified Digital Experience

Liferay provides a unified digital platform that can integrate and centralize portals, websites, and applications used by the Higher Education industry. This integration ensures that students, faculties, and staff have a seamless and consistent digital experience across different systems and devices.

Here is a case study illustrating the implementation of the above.

  • Problems the education department faced:

The education department of an Asia-Pacific-based country struggled with the scattered information spread across 68 different websites. The staff spent hours looking for critical information across all 68 websites. None of these websites had a unified interface, which made it a nightmare to navigate. Additionally, The documents were in outdated formats that were no longer supported by modern software.

  • Solutions provided by Liferay:

The Department of Education was eager to build an intranet for providing the staff with on-demand access to all information necessary for performing their task efficiently. The intranet built on Liferay provided a Single Point of Entry for all staff to discover any information they needed to work productively. The education department worked with Liferay to deliver a customized intranet named Ikon (Information and Knowledge Online). Ikon helps almost 77,000 staff members access the intranet in more than 800 schools and central services worksites that include regional and remote areas. Rather than searching for information from 68 websites, Liferay’s Ikon solved the education department’s problem.


Liferay emerges as a pioneering digital experience platform that holds the potential to reshape the higher education sector. With its comprehensive suite of tools and features, Liferay is instrumental in driving the transformation of academic institutions’ digital landscapes. By facilitating seamless integration, customization, adaptability, and accessibility, Liferay empowers institutions to create an enriched digital ecosystem that enriches the learning journey for both students and faculty members alike.

If you are associated with the administrative team of a university looking to improve the digital experience of your students, faculties, and staff, then Liferay is a platform worth considering. With its powerful features and flexible architecture, Liferay can help you create a digital environment that is both efficient and engaging.

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