Benefits of Leveraging Adobe Commerce for B2B Ecommerce


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Did you know, according to Forbes, the global Ecommerce market is expected to be $6.3 trillion in 2023 while the sales are expected to grow 10.4% this year?  While B2C (Business-to-Consumer) was always dominating the Ecommerce market, post-COVID, B2B (Business-to-Business) is growing rapidly in the online space.

Despite the rapid growth, according to experts, B2B Ecommerce merchandising is always complex compared to B2C. It is always challenging to sell something to business buyers in comparison to general buyers. Unlike B2C, for B2B buyers you need to provide customized product and pricing catalogs for individual customers. The B2B sales cycle is longer and more complicated compared to B2C sales as business buyers tend to do more research on a product compared to B2C buyers.

Adobe Commerce with its features like Quick Order, Customer Segment, Inventory Management, Transaction Management, and Business Intelligence can help you to mitigate the challenges associated with B2B online buying while providing a satisfied CX (Customer Experience) to the e-buyers.

Let’s start by describing Adobe Commerce’s in-built B2B functionality.


The In-built B2B functionality in Adobe Commerce

Brands worldwide are using Adobe Commerce to profitably manage their Ecommerce business while effectively accelerating their growth. The specialty of Adobe Commerce is it possesses in-built Ecommerce features.

Adobe Commerce helps you in developing an Ecommerce solution with its in-built features that can provide excellent customer experience, customized solutions & services.


Eight Adobe Commerce features you need to Know

In the past, B2C (Business-to-Consumer) was the only market that dominated the online space. Now, B2B is also competing with B2C, and at present it is constituting nearly 1/5th of the entire US Ecommerce transaction.

So, B2B businesses are gradually inclining towards launching their own Ecommerce platform and Adobe Commerce is helping the businesses as an online shop website builder.

Here are eight Adobe Commerce features that can help you scale your B2B business.

  • Modern & secure architecture

Adobe Commerce is built on a modern and secure framework and helps in keeping the site safe. It includes features like data encryption and offers regular security updates to the Ecommerce sites to make the platform secure for businesses for processing transactions and storing customer data.

  • Cloud-based support

The cloud-based Adobe Commerce can support your Ecommerce platform to be agile. The cloud feature of Adobe Commerce helps to make it cost-effective along with providing a better foundation for the Ecommerce platform. The cloud support of Adobe Commerce enables you to showcase a vast catalog of products and higher website traffic without it crashing.

  • Hybrid business assistance

These Days, businesses are adopting hybrid models to let customers purchase products or services for both business and personal use. In peak shopping season, hybrid business models generate more revenue since they provide better insights into customer preferences. Adobe Commerce has features to support the hybrid business model business strategies by unifying data to optimize your commerce operations and simplifying the commerce technology stack and streamlining the maintenance process.

  • Efficient inventory management

Adobe Commerce’s inventory management feature can support your business whether it is possessing a single store or a multiple warehouse. It can maintain sales quantities, and handle shipments for completing orders to multiple channels. Adobe Commerce’s inventory management can facilitate you with real-time global inventory views, centralized order information, and offering customized shipping recommendations as per the distance.

  • Seamless mobile experience

Just like B2C, buyers are checking products through mobile in B2B also. This is the reason, the usage of mobile is growing day by day for B2B merchants and buyers. Adobe Commerce is the perfect platform to target mobile consumers. The Ecommerce platform provides mobile-first designs along with a PWA studio that helps to create a solid presence on mobile.

  • Top-notch customer support

Adobe Commerce can provide top-notch customer services with robust backend tools. These tools can help customer support representatives receive the necessary order information from the backend. It has two advantages;

    • Order management system
      Allows representatives to collect orders rapidly and to modify or change them as needed.

    • Integration facility
      Adobe Commerce can integrate with other order management tools to deliver better CX (Customer Experience) and increase sales.

  • Supportive PWAs

From visiting the Ecommerce site to dropping out from there, it is only a satisfied customer experience that helps in retaining the customer. The supportive PWA (Progressive Web Apps) can enhance the customer experience for your business. You can build a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) Ecommerce page builder by integrating Adobe Commerce with AEM (Adobe Experience Manager). This will allow you to create and edit Ecommerce pages without any coding knowledge.

  • Amalgamation with Amazon

Amazon is at present the largest Ecommerce website. As per a Statista report of May 2022, there were 2.4 billion visits to the Amazon site. Most B2B buyers check Amazon before making a purchase. With these factors in mind, Adobe Commerce has the best features as a shop website builder that can make doing business on Amazon easier. Adobe Commerce has developed Amazon Sales to showcase and sell products seamlessly within your budget.

Benefits of leveraging Amazon Sales

  • Reduction in manual work
  • Automated system integration and maintenance
  • Proper data on inventory      

According to a Gartner report, 80% of B2B sales will happen through digital channels by 2025. To cope with the website traffic, B2B businesses need a robust Ecommerce structure and Adobe Commerce can fulfill their demand seamlessly.

Adobe Commerce Cloud supporting B2B businesses

From improved product recommendation to AI-powered Live Search; Adobe Commerce Cloud comes up with effective features that can support any B2B business.

  • Improved search capabilities with AI

Improved search capabilities can provide your B2B Ecommerce platform the much-needed business advantages. Adobe Commerce Cloud empowers you to incorporate AI-powered site search in your Ecommerce website. The AI-enabled analytics empowers your customers with personalized product searches. The site search facility also leverages product catalog metadata so that you can receive a precise report of what exactly your customers are looking for.

  • Improved product recommendation facility 

The product recommendation facility of Adobe Commerce Cloud can stimulate customer engagement. The Adobe Sensei-powered product recommendation feature can generate a deep analysis of visitor’s data using machine learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. The product recommendation feature allows you to choose intelligent product recommendation types based on items, popularity, or shoppers’ choice. 

With Adobe Commerce Cloud, you can provide the next level of customer service and experience along with top quality Ecommerce merchandising.


In the online business domain, Adobe Commerce can offer a smooth web and mobile experience to customers that ultimately results in improved customer experience and cost reduction. Along with this, it offers in-built extensions that exclude the need for any complex 3rd party extensions. This is why Adobe Commerce is considered the most powerful B2B Ecommerce solution.

Being a trusted electronic commerce service provider, Youngsoft can help you with designing, developing, and deploying your Ecommerce solution with Adobe Commerce. You will be able to propel your B2B vision and journey to the next level with our Ecommerce development services.

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