Digital Transformation – The Change Enabler in Higher Education

Liferay Webinar

In an era marked by relentless change, adaptability is key for educational leaders navigating evolving student and faculty needs. Despite recent disruptions from the global pandemic, transformation enablers are gaining momentum. Technologies, connected devices, and AI are reshaping education, rewarding agility and leaving slower adopters in a perpetual state of catch-up. Watch the on-demand webinar, where we delve into the dynamic landscape of higher education's digital transformation and how Liferay can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Our esteemed panel of experts from Youngsoft, Liferay and a special guest from Stanford University shed light on critical topics, discussing:

  • Enabling higher education institutions through digital transformation
  • Rising technology and its impact on adoption timelines
  • Stanford’s implementation of digital solutions


Prakash Vippa

Prakash Vippa

Prakash Vippa is a seasoned Product and Engineering leader who built and scaled software platforms, ecosystems, engineering and technical teams. Prakash currently leads the engineering team at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. Prakash is passionate about technology products and leveraging new technologies to solve real world problems and offer solutions. Prakash also loves travel, tennis and college football.

Vipul Dave

Vipul Dave

Vipul Dave is a Solution Architect with a decade of Liferay expertise, delivering tailored solutions across industries. A master's graduate in Computer Application, Vipul has led Liferay Practices for various liferay partner companies, excelling in presales, technology, and delivery. His passion for motorcycle exploration takes him to mountains and seashores, reflecting his adventurous spirit.

Wes Kempa

Wes Kempa

Wes Kempa is a Lead Sales Engineer at Liferay. He has over twenty years of professional experience holding technical, higher-education, and leadership roles with a wide range of teams and technologies. Wes has been helping partners and companies deliver high-quality solutions built on Liferay for over twelve years. He enjoys sharing his experiences in application development, user experience, and enterprise integrations to help enable others to find success with Liferay.

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